January 06, 2012

Kaffee Amadeus

Address: 106 Chung Hsiao East Road, Taipei City, 300, 10th floor (地址 106 台北市 忠孝東路3段300號10樓)
Telephone: (02) 8772-8679
Hours: ?
Price: $$$

  Oh the joys of this wonderful little cafe. Whenever I'm craving good European food, this is my destination. Slightly more expensive than your typical Taipei fare, Kaffee Amadeus is the rare treat you should save up for. Though I have been here a couple times, I actually managed to get lost today! The cafe is located on the 10th floor of a Sogo department store. Apparently there are TWO Sogos at the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT stop. Go to the one that says "Fuxing branch". If you're confused, head towards Exit 2 or, better yet, walk outside. Are you in a white Sogo? That's the wrong one. See the blue/green Sogo on the other side of the street and to your right? That's the right one.
  On the 10th floor of Sogo, Kaffee Amadeus has a fantastic view of an indoor botanical garden and Taipei 101. The decor is delightfully European with fleur-de-lys patterns, crystal chandeliers, and some pieces of oak furniture. The music playing in the background features prominent Austrian singers and composers (obviously you'll hear several Mozart pieces). 
  I ordered the tagliatelle with salmon and fresh vegetables (around $350 NT). This came with a salad, a drink, a choice between chicken and pumpkin soup, and for an extra $80 NT your choice of cake. For dessert, I ordered their famous "Amadeus Classic Hot Chocolate" ($253 NT).
The salad was light, only a couple leafy greens, but delicious nonetheless. There was an interesting salad dressing on top, something of an almost mayonnaise-like consistency, but it was easy to avoid eating should you come to the realization that it isn't your cup of tea. After finishing the salad, the waiter punctually delivered my pumpkin soup. The soup was as liquid-y as a broth, but tasted delicious! 
   My main course of tagliatelle arrived piping hot. The fresh vegetables consisted of zucchini, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, and small pieces of garlic. The vegetables were all delicious and well-cooked. The tagliatelle sat in a light white wine reduction sauce and was cooked as perfectly as can be. Last but not least, the salmon was cooked perfectly and lightly drizzled with the reduction sauce and a few bites reminded me of the best restaurants back home. All in all, a fantastic dish.
  To finish my "Austrian experience", I had the classic hot chocolate. This is perhaps the most expensive glass/cup of hot chocolate in all of Taiwan. That being said, I think you pay more for the novelty than the actual quality of either the chocolate or the hot milk. This isn't to say that the glass isn't delicious; it's just not $253 NT worth of delicious. There are instructions on how to add the chocolate brick to the milk and how to properly stir everything about in order to get all of the chocolate to disintegrate, but I rarely see people consulting these instructions. 

  The menu is in Chinese and English and, as with almost all places in Taipei, the staff speak both. If you're visiting Taipei for a couple days or a week, I wouldn't recommend Kaffee Amadeus. The food is typical European fare and there are definitely good authentic Taiwanese restaurants in which you need to eat first! If you're in Sogo though, you should stop for the hot chocolate or the Amadeus Apple Cinnamon Tea.

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